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Please carefully read the following terms and conditions very carefully because your use of service is subject to your acceptance and agreement with the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”, “Terms").

We reserve all the rights to modify the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein at any time, without informing you about it. All such changes will be valid and applicable once they appear on the Site. So it is a must for all the users to keep a check on all the updates in order to avoid any issues in future. If you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions of MissYuva.com, you must immediately stop using this Site.

This agreement regulates the contractual terms between the End Users and us after they perform the affirmative action of ‘Acceptance’ by clicking on the box of “I agree to Terms and Conditions of MissYuva.com”.


The following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms of Use”, “Terms”) represent a legal agreement between Ourselves i.e. Swaastik Webend Applications & Solutions (“Swaastik”, “We”) and you i.e. the user of www.missyuva.com (the “Site”). You (the “End User”, “user”) must read all the below mentioned points carefully. By using the Site, you are deemed to agree and abide by our Terms of Use, which may be amended from time to time.

We hold all rights to make any changes in these Terms at any point of time. Hence you must read them regularly to know about the updates, if any. If you disagree with any point stated herein, you must immediately withdraw using the Site.

This agreement legalises the contractual terms between the End Users and Merchants after they accept all the Terms of Use by clicking on the box of “I agree to Terms and Conditions of Missyuva.com”.



All the Terms of Use mentioned in this agreement regulate the conditions for the users of this Site. Your access and use of this Site represents your consent to agree with all the Terms of Use. The End User’s decision to use the website depends on his/her personal choice and this right cannot be transferred to anyone else. Every End User is advised to maintain the privacy of his/her password by not sharing it with anyone.

Although the Internet is a dependable and secure medium, End User must understand and accept the fact that it is impossible to avoid some disturbances in the activities of Missyuva.com. Hence the Site will not be liable for any loss of data that might occur during the transmission of information. These interruptions might also affect the regular availability of the Site, including, but not limited to, regular maintenance activities. You understand and agree that you might not be able to access the Site for some time because of certain factors that may or may not be under the control of Missyuva.com.

We exercise absolute right to make any alterations in the layout, designs or any features of the Site that includes, without limitation, equipment required for use, content on the various pages of the website as well as the availability hours. Missyuva.com may end up the transmission of any part of information, may modify the speed of transmission, or may change/withdraw any dissemination method or some other attributes of the signal. 

In accordance with the regulation of law, our services are not meant for the minors. The End User must be at least 18 years of age for being eligible to access and use the Site. The minors below 18 may use the Site in supervision of his/her parent/guardian, who must comply with this agreement.

Missyuva can alter or update the website anytime without any prior notice to the users. We also reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without any intimation. So you must keep visiting our terms and conditions section on regular basis for getting all the updates.


Missyuva.com exercises complete control over the rights to alter any or all Terms and Conditions stated here. The non-material modifications will be applicable immediately after their posting and the material changes will be effective after 30 days of their appearance on the website. Your act of continuing the use of Site will represent your acceptance to abide by all the new alterations.

We will drop an email to your registered Id in case we make any considerable changes in our policies. These alterations may include levying certain charges or changing the Terms of Use. Alternatively, we may post a notice on the home page of the Site to notify the users about such updates.


Missyuva grants a non-exclusive privilege of access and use of the Site to all its users. This right restricts any unlawful usage of the Site that may include any illegal activities. We urge our users to consider the legal issues that may arise by any of your activity related with the website or its “Microsites”. According to the legal terms, all the transactions among and from the users must obey the rules laid down by this agreement. The Terms of Use are not only applicable to this particular site but also extend to the other sites that may be accessible via the hyperlinks appearing here.

End User should refrain from posting or transferring any abusive, invasive, defamatory, profane, obscene, objectionable or vulgar content/material through the Site. This regulation also extends to any material that may violate any individual’s personal rights, raise civil liability, defy any applicable law or includes any promotional content. The End User is not permitted to use this Site for any personal benefits, including but not limited to advertising or promotion of product/services, political or religious thoughts.


The End User hereby agrees that he has thoroughly read and understood the Privacy Policy of Missyuva.com. You also consent that all the terms of our website’s Privacy Policy are acceptable to you and you expressly agree with them.


Any issues concerning the functioning of computer or other equipment used for accessing Site are limited to the End User. Missyuva.com cannot be held liable for any damage caused to computer hardware, telephone or any other apparatus, occurred during the use of the Site.


ANY ACT OF REPRODUCTION, TRANSMISSION, MODIFICATION, POSTING OR LINKING RELATED WITH THIS SITE AND THE MICROSITES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, IF DONE, WITHOUT OBTAINING LAWFUL WRITTEN CONSENT OF MISSYUVA.COM. Violation of these terms by anyone will make him liable for infringement of an intellectual property right, including trademark and copyright issues and may levy criminal or civil penalties on the End User.

All the apparels, content, designs and labels appearing on this Site are subject to The Copyright Act of India. The copyright also safeguards all the content accessible through the Site or its microsites, if any. Hence any user shall not use any of this material for ant commercial purposes. The contents, designs and labels cannot be reproduced, republished or copied in any way without obtaining a legally written consent from Missyuva.com. End User is not permitted to change, copy, and transfer or sell any material or product appearing in this site.

When the End User submits any material to public areas of the Site or Microsites, the End User is deemed to have granted all the ownership rights to MissYuva.com. This royalty-free right allows MissYuva.com to distribute, copy, publish or edit any or all of the material, which has been posted by End User to the Site or Microsites. Moreover, the End User is also not allowed to post or upload any copyrighted material from any other site, without obtaining the written permission of the copyright/trademark holder.

The provisions of this section must apply to and are for the benefit of MissYuva.com, its affiliates, subsidiary and other related parties including but not limited to Merchants, third parties , content provider, licensor etc. and each can assert and enforce these provisions directly or indirectly.

Copyright Infringement Policy

MissYuva exercises complete control over the right to end up its agreement with an End User at any time, if the user repeatedly infringes the copyrights of third-party after and on the basis of timely notification by the copyright owner's legal agent or the copyright owner himself to MissYuva. If you believe any copyright work of MissYuva or its Microsites has been copied in a manner that it infringes the Copyright Act, you must notice MissYuva along with the following requisites:

  1. Identification of the copied work that you consider to be infringed on the Site or Microsite.
  2. A physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or the person acting on his behalf.
  3. A written document stating that you believe that such copying of information is neither authorized by law nor the copyright owner or his agent.
  4. Your full name along with your contact details, including your address and phone number/e-mail address.
  5. A written statement saying that all the information in your notice is correct and, under the perjury's penalty, you are the copyright owner or are authorized to act as the copyright owner's behalf.


You should not interfere with any operation of the Site or post any content that violates the cyber or any other law. Moreover, you should not upload, transmit, post or publish any material, content or information through the Site that may:

  1. Threaten, defame, abuse or damage the confidentiality, privacy, rights or personality of a person in any manner.
  2. Amount to a criminal act including, but not limited to, fraud, assault, pornography, threats, hate or intimidation.
  3. Be an unlawful use of the Site and may interfere with the cyber laws or electronic etiquette. Furthermore, any information exchange that may adversely affect the site and its other users by transmitting any disruptive components like viruses etc is also not permitted.
  4. Infringe any copyright, patent, trade-mark or any other intellectual property rights of a person.
  5. Contain any offensive or repulsive content or material, including without limitation, any information meant for the adult users/viewers.
  6. Initiate, encourage, promote or conspire any conduct that is prohibited by law, or
  7. Include any commercial content including, but not limited to, advertising, surveys, chain letters, contests or offer to sell/promote articles/services.

MissYuva.com reserves all the rights to eradicate any material, information, content, photographs or illustrations that you upload, post, transmit or publish on the Site. The Site may remove any material that it considers to be inappropriate ay any time, without any prior notice to you.


Missyuva.com attempts to provide you absolutely truthful and accurate information. However, the information on the Site and Microsites is presented to you on “as available” and “as is” basis. Hence, the Site does not offer any kind of warranty, neither expressed nor implied regarding any content. As a matter of fact, we do not exercise control over the content posted by our end users and cannot guarantee the accuracy or usefulness of any content that comes to you either directly or indirectly through the Site.

The End User is supposed to have agreed that he/she is personally solely responsible for using this Site. Missyuva.com, any of its affiliates/merchants, employees or any other person involved in the management of Missyuva.com does not guarantee an error-free or uninterrupted use of the Site. Further, Missyuva.com and any of its employees or representatives will not be liable for accuracy and availability of the contents and site and its contents will be available on a ‘as is’ basis.

Since Missyuva.com does not promote re-sellers or encourage other businesses to buy products from here, the customers are provided only the Retail Invoice and not the Tax Invoice with their orders. The website’s liability towards each user or customers is limited only to the extent of the price of the product purchased by him.




Missyuva.com holds the right to supervise/monitor or control all the contents present on the Site and at any point in time. This rule also applies to forums, discussions, comments and chat rooms as the Site might have to check the appropriateness of any content or material to ensure that everything on the Site is in compliance with the Terms of Use and this agreement. Missyuva.com may remove any material that it finds to be abusive, inappropriate or violating.


End User shall understand and accept that all the messages, comments and other forms of communication transferred through ‘communities’ is public in nature. The communication here refers to all text transmitted through forums, comments, chat rooms and bulletin boards and others. Such text can be openly accessed by the public, without informing the User.  All such content is non-confidential and we do not own any responsibility regarding transmission of information/material through these communities. However, if any web page/s of Missyuva.com promises to maintain confidentiality of certain content, it will be stated clearly on the page/pages.


Missyuva.com reserves all rights to use its registered trademark: Missyuva.com. All other trademarks which are visible on the Site also cannot be copied or otherwise used without obtaining a legally endowed consent of the same.

The Site exercises full authority on the rights to change or suspend this agreement as and when needed. Missyuva.com may terminate any user accounts or passwords if required, if it in its sole discretion considers being inappropriate for the Site or is not in compliance with the terms of this agreement.

The provisions of Sections- Modifications, End User Behavior, Copyrights, Disclaimer, but not limited to, will carry termination of this Agreement.


Every End User of Missyuva.com agrees to indemnify the Site from any claims or costs that may arise out of the transactions carried through the Site. The exemption here includes attorney’s fees, incurred in resolving an issue, if any.


Your response to the third party links and/or advertisements present on the Site are your sole decision. As such, Missyuva doesn’t have any responsibility for the transactions or the losses occurred due to the sale, purchase or other activities, caused by accessing or using the third party sites. The Site has no control over the truthfulness or accuracy of the advertised material. We are not liable for any damages or losses faced by you as a consequence of dealing with an advertiser. If you get involved into a transaction that may include, but is not limited to, the sale of goods or services, warranties or exchange of any kind, you and the dealing party would be completely responsible for the legal compliance that may arise herein.


The transactions performed (directly or indirectly) through the Site shall be subject to some other terms and conditions as well. These terms and conditions, if applied, will be an addition to the terms mentioned herein. The terms and conditions of use along with other policies stated by the company constitute an agreement between you, the user and the Site. If the company fails in strict governance of any provision stated in the agreement, it shall not be considered as a waiver of any right or condition. All these terms and conditions of using the Site are deemed to be governed by the laws of India along with the federal laws of your state.


Miss Yuva is located at G-80, Second Floor, Preet Vihar, Delhi, India 110092. We would like to inform our users that Parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist you in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. Current providers of such protections can be found at: http://www. en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List of Content Control Software.


Missyuva.com offers a variety of products for sale that can be ordered online. When the End User places an order to buy any Product from here, he is liable to be bound by the following terms and conditions along with some additional terms stated in the Privacy Policy. It is mandatory for every user to have an account with the Site whenever you want to purchase a Product. Your account enables you place the desired orders while helping us keep a record of all your earlier transactions with us, update your preferences and ensure the timely delivery of the ordered Product. Missyuva.com does not promote re-sellers and holds the right to block your account and cancel your order any time if you are found to be a re-seller. In such cases, you will be liable for paying 10% service charge of the cancelled order.  Since Missyuva.com does not promote re-sellers or encourage other businesses to buy products from here, the customers are provided only the Retail Invoice and not the Tax Invoice with their orders. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, please leave this website immediately.


  1. A user must have an access to the essential equipment at his or her expenses. These apparatus include a computer, an Internet Connector such as a modem as well as an Internet connection. You are yourself responsible for bearing all the service charges such as fees charged by the Internet service provider
  2. You also agree and accept to receive some administrative messages and service announcements as a part of the communications from Missyuva.com.
  3. Registering with the website is a voluntary option and you may avail a limited access to the services without registering with Missyuva.com. However, you need to fill up the registration form to obtain all the benefits and services provided by the website. If you choose to register with the website, you will get your login details including a User ID and a password after you complete the registration process. You agree to undertake the responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of your login details at all times and you shall be solely responsible for all the activities that occur through your registered account. You also agree that you will never use any other user’s login details without being authorized to do so.
  4. You, the End User also agree to inform Missyuva.com about any unauthorized use of the login details. Further, you also must ensure that you log off properly at the end of every session at www.missyuva.com. The Website is not liable for any damage or loss occurred due to your failure to abide by this necessity.
  5. You agree to provide accurate, complete and true information about yourself and your beneficiaries while filling the registration form. You must also update your registration data from time to time in order to maintain its accuracy.
  6. End Users agree to abide by the all the related rules and regulations as well as the Domestic Laws, Statues, Foreign Exchange Laws, Ordinances and Regulations (including but not limited to Income Tax, SalesTax/VAT, Service Tax, Octroi, Custom Duty, Central Excise, Local Levies) related to his/her usage of Missyuva services and other activities such as purchasing of products and services.


MissYuva.com somtimes convert refunds in cash credit on several events, in the form of Sign up Cash Credit, Corporate Membership Cash Credit and Complementary Cash Credit etc.

  1. The amount of cash credit is directly transferred to your account in the form of MissYuva cash credit, which can only be used for shopping at www.missyuva.com.
  2. The amount is always in the form of credit and cannot be converted into cash in any event.
  3. Every cash credit has an expiry date, after which you cannot claim or use it.



The 'Terms and Conditions' stated here cannot be changed unless the Site or its managing company terminates them. However, if you want to end up your membership and association with Missyuva.com, you can do so by informing us at the contact details given under the link Contact Us. We will accept only the written and email notices and will not entertain or accept any verbal notices in any manner.

Swaastik Webend Applications and Solutions reserves all the rights to terminate any membership or user account with Missyuva.com without any prior notice to the account holder. Missyuva.com may terminate your membership and Terms of Use with you if:

  1. You violate any of incorporated agreements including the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or any other conditions.
  2. Missyuva is required to do so under some legal circumstances.
  3. Misrepresentation of identity or providing false personal information.
  4. Registering with false and fake information.
  5. The services offered to you by Missyuva are not anymore commercially viable as per Missyuva’s discretion.
  6. Missyuva decides to discontinue with its services, with or without any reason.

Swaastik Webend Applications and Solutions reserves all the rights to change or update the contests and regulations of the terms of service anytime, without providing any prior notice to the End User.


Third Party Websites

We do not provide any warranties about the accuracy of the content of this website or any other website to which you may gain access through our website or through which you may have gained access to our website. The inclusion of any link on MissYuva.com does not indicate endorsement of the linked sites or site's content and doesn't even signify any association with their operators.


Limitations of Company & Website

The website and company's management will not be responsible for any damage or loss of product, any technical interruption and any other related problems in any manner, which is beyond the company's controls. Stealing or losing of products or cheques while in transit (or any other process of sending) or damage or loss caused to the member due to any interruption from printing, typological or technical errors in anything related to the participation in the contest will be beyond company's control. SWAASTIK DOES NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT TO YOU THAT YOUR USE OF THE MISSYUVA.COM SERVICES WILL MEET ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS, AND THAT YOUR USE OF THE SERVICE OF THIS WEBSITE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, TIMELY, SECURE OR FREE FROM ERRORS.

Missyuva and its parent company Swaastik will not be responsible for any injury caused to any person related to the website.



You agree to indemnify Swaastik and its employees and its management against any losses arising out of any problems, clashes, claims or any other issues resulting out of some miss-happening, misunderstanding or anything else related to the Terms and Conditions. You shall defend the Site for any claims. Swaastik reserves the rights, at its own discretion, to control any material subject to indemnification by the member or assume the exclusive defence.


Website Content and Data Safety Violation

Any service of the website will not be accessed by any member by any means other than through the interface that is provided by MissYuva.com. The participants are deemed to agree not to perform any activity that results in any disruption of the services of our site (including the networks and servers that are connected to the services).
The members are further supposed to agree to not use any automated means with any service that may affect the standing position of the site. If any member or non-member is found to be involved in any activity that might have an effect on the website MissYuva.com, Swaastik has the rights to take legal steps against that person.
As an End User, you agree not to perform any of the following acts as they may cause harm to the Site’s security:

  1. You will not share your Missyuva password with anyone as it may cause misuse of your membership account.
  2. You shall not involve in any activity which is illegal or unlawful in nature. You also agree to restrain from all the acts that may harm the contents, networks or functioning of Missyuva.com in any way.
  3. You must not misuse any other individual’s personal information like profile details or account passwords etc. for any reason. It is offensive to use any other person’s identity or documents and represent them as your own.
  4. You agree not to upload any picture in your user account or otherwise, which is defamatory or offensive in any way.
  5. Uploading a profile picture that has disturbing or offensive in nature.
  6. Facilitating gambling, online or otherwise, including lotteries or betting.
  7. Using of website for nasty reasons.
  8. The End Users shall not perform any activity that can obstruct the smooth functioning of the website.


Legal Effect

If Missyuva decides to remove any phrase from these Terms and Conditions, it will do so as per its sole discretion. Any such action will not affect the other phases.


Intellectual Property and Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2012, SWAASIK WEBEND APPLICATIONS AND SOLUTIONS, All rights reserved.

The contents, logos, designs and materials seen in this website are the sole property of Swaastik. Hence, any of these materials cannot be used by anyone for commercial gains or otherwise, including their reproduction, distribution, copying, transmission, modification, and republishing the contents of this website. Your access to and use of the website is not entitled to the transfer of any intellectual property rights. All the rights, interest and titles in and to all aspects of site solely belong to Swaastik.

Regarding Copyrights and Trademarks: Swaastik, its trademarks, designs, and logos are registered. You are not supposed to spread any information of Missyuva.com and company in any public medium like press, newspaper etc. Trademark can also not be used for any purposes, which are not in favour of the company and not even for advertising or promoting any other third party.

Swaastik and its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries or affiliates shall not be liable under any circumstance to any third party or members for any special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages unless due to gross negligence. The participating members cannot file any civil proceedings or criminal specifically in any court or through any third party against the company Swaastik and its employees, directors, officers, subsidiaries or affiliates claiming any damages connected to the participation in contests.



These 'Terms and Conditions' are governed by the laws of India, excluding its conflict-of-laws principles. If the dispute does not resolve within 30 days after arising then the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, including any rules, will be followed and the decision announced by the arbitral tribunal will be final and binding on all the involved parties.

There will an appointment of one arbitrator on the basis of a common agreement. The arbitration will be conducted in English or Hindi in New Delhi, India. Any party has the rights to appeal for any judicial relief in any court having jurisdiction against their rights until dispute is resolved.
These 'Terms and Conditions' include a set of limitations and remedies, which are subject to an order of injunctive or equitable relief passed by the arbitral tribunal. The existence of any arbitral proceedings and information disclosed in the course of proceedings will be considered as 'confidential information' However, the parties involved hold the right to disclose such information under confidentiality restrictions to the appropriate Court.



These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws in Force in the State of Delhi, India and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi, India will submit them under their control.



The following conditions apply to the exchange of products purchased from MissYuva.com:

  1. Any product purchased from Missyuva.com can be returned within the duration of 30 days after purchase. However, the respective product must be in the same condition as it was originally delivered to you.
  2. Missyuva.com provides 100% replacement guarantee for its products. This Exchange Policy allows you to obtain a new product in exchange of the returned item of the original value paid by you. Missyuva Exchange Policy does not provide a refund for any returned product. We also provide free replacement for the damaged or defected products within 30 days of delivery. You must inform us about a defected product at the time of delivery or within the next 30 days.



Missyuva.com reserves all the rights to approve the cancellation of any order placed by an End User.



Heads and Subheads All the headings and subheadings on this Agreement are meant to maintain convenient reading and do not aim at describing, defining, interpreting or limiting the scope or purpose of the terms and conditions stated herein.

Numbers and Genders All the Terms and Conditions stated herein are equally applicable to the singular as well as plural form of the defined terms. As per the background, any context may include or address to feminine or masculine, together and separately depending on the situation. .



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